3 Fun Idle Farm Games on Farmgames.io

Idle games are surely a fun way to spend your time,but what if we combine it with farm simulations to turn it into one single and addictive game? Here are some of the best idle farmers you can find in Farmgames.io 3 Fun Idle Farm Games on Farmgames.io large

Idle games are surely a fun way to spend your time, since they make you feel like you’re constantly progressing with little effort. But what if we combine two different loved genres that satisfy that need of self-improvement, into one single and addictive game? It would be amazing and that’s what we had for you today with our top 3 fun idle farm games on Farmgames.io.

Idle Farm

The first title of our list is the perfect representation of an addictive game; you have everything you need in here to spend hours playing and making your farm grow without getting tired. Idle Farm is an idle game with a simple gameplay, but don’t let that fool you, as this is one of those titles that’s easy to grab, but very hard to let go.

The main goal in Idle farm is simple; you have to cultivate and harvest on different fields so the buyers can come and take a good product with them. The sales will be done automatically, so everything you need to worry about is to click on the fields you have to make enough money to upgrade them and have more crops available. Also you can play pinball while you’re at it.

Idle Farm Tycoon

It looks like idle games and farming games weren’t enough for this game, since Idle Farm Tycoon adds another element to its gameplay, merging items. As in any other idle game you won’t have to worry too much about clicking all the time, since the money will be produced by itself; your work here is to buy more standard elements like level 1 plants, workers and trucks and then merge them together to upgrade them.

The better elements you have working on your farm, the faster the money will be made. Some elements are available at the beginning like the worker, the plants and the truck, but you’ll need some extra cash to buy other options like animals and buildings.

Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker might be the best polished game of this top, since it offers a 3d experience with loveable animations and a more complete gameplay. Even though it looks more complex than most of the games of this genre, the simplicity of idle games remains within Little Farm Clicker.

Apparently this farm belonged to your grandpa, but since he’s retired is your job to harvest the product and sell it to preserve the farm. Little Farm Clicker progresses as you play it, since first you have to pick up the coins and plant the products manually, but eventually you make enough money to automate the process and make more money in less time.

If you’re into idle games, these 3 farming games are excellent options to explore and try for a while; of course there’s a lot more options available, but you have to start somewhere and that’s why we’re here for. We recommend all and every single one of them, so why don’t you go ahead and try the farming life for yourself?