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Set up your very own farm in a mysterious archipelago that's ripe for exploration! Play Now Taonga large

Drawn to a mysterious archipelago by an equally mysterious letter, you've decided to stick around, set up a base of operations to sustain yourself and forge some goodwill with the local Maori tribe, and find out why the islands intrigue you so in this fun and incredibly addictive farm simulation game, Taonga!

Taonga is not your typical farm game. In addition to simply planting and harvesting different types of crops, the game also has a massive environment that you can gather crucial resources from.

You see, in order to build the many crafting structures in this game, you'll naturally need building materials like planks, wood, stones, bamboo, and even palm leaves. You can get more of them from the wilderness, which will also help you clear more land so you can turn the plots into more farm land, to house your many livestock, or as building plots where you can place new structures. However, as you progress, the game increases in complexity, requiring materials that can only be obtained from certain structures that you'll have access to.

Energy management is a vital part of the gameplay, especially if you're not planning to spend real cash... at least not yet. After all, the game is designed to be played in bursts of 30 minutes or so, multiple times throughout the day, once your initial bulk of energy is completely used up. So, you'll want to check in and drain your energy performing some farm chores before logging out to go about your day.

You'll also have a boat in this game that, with enough rations for last you the trip, will bring you to special islands where there are special quests to complete. Some of these islands are event ones so there would be a time limit tagged to it. As you play, the game will open up more parts of the island for you to explore, as well as unlocking many new features, some of which can be incredibly useful.

The most important thing about Taonga is how important having active neighbors is. This is similar to Farmville where you can visit your neighbors' farms and help out, earning some items like cash and energy in return. You can also exchange gifts with them and these gifts usually contain rare items that can be hard to come by.

So, all in all, if you're an avid fan of farm games, Taonga is one game you simply mustn't miss out on! Drop by and set up your farm today!